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Roof damage? Important Steps You Need to Take.

If your roof is damaged, you must take action immediately to fix that damage. We’re going to give you some pointers on how to manage roof damage issues, and some important safety tips, too. How to Hit the Ground Running When Your Roof is Damaged Roof damage can be caused by wind, tree branches, structural [...]

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Roof Safety – Why You Should Leave the Work to the Professionals

The roofing trade works in a very dangerous environment. The stories are all true; some of the injuries people have suffered from working on roofs are truly horrendous. Roof work requires expertise, proper safety gear and an instinct for knowing a roof is risky. Even a minor repair job can be a trip to a [...]

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Baffled by Roofing Problems? Your Roofers Can Solve Them for You

With over 35 years of experience in roofing, we can tell you for a fact that roofing problems can be quite baffling. Some of the problems don’t even look like roofing problems. These problems can do massive, expensive damage to your home and be quite frustrating. If you’ve got roofing problems, talking to the experts [...]

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Upgrading Your Home? Don’t Spend a Cent Until You Talk to Your Roofer

Upgrading your home can be an excellent move. You can fix annoying problems, add value and get a great, new place with everything you want. That’s all well and good but please, take note that your roof might pose a few unexpected issues, both structurally and in terms of cost. The roof is a very [...]

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Why You Should Talk to A Roofer Before Deciding on A New Roof

Every roof is the same, right? Wrong! The right roof is a good structural fixture, perfect for your building. It’s also an attractive roof, using top-quality roof tiles and expertly installed to ensure good structural integrity. Getting a new roof can be a major issue. You obviously want a top-quality roof, perfect for your home, [...]

Is It OK to Use Second Hand Roof Tiles?

Second hand roof tiles are commonly used, partly for lower costs but also because they’re often great tiles that still look excellent. You can get some excellent deals on very good second hand tiles. Having said that; look out for iffy second hand tiles! We’re going to give you a sort of buyer’s guide and [...]

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Are Top Brand Roof Tiles Really Better?

If you’re thinking of “saving” a bit of money on Brand X roof tiles, think again! Roof tiles and their quality are critical considerations for roofing. Top-quality roofing tiles are a must. The bottom line here is that top brand roofing tiles are far superior to the El Cheapo type. What’s the Difference between Top-quality [...]

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Get a Roofing Company That Can Do Everything for Your Home

Roofing can be complex. If you’re a homeowner looking for work done on your roof, be aware that it can also be expensive if you don’t have the right roofing contractors! Most people aren’t experts on roofing. Unfortunately for homeowners, that description also applies to some contractors. Some companies can do some of the work [...]

Roof Designs of the Future

Architects and builders are looking to the future for inspiration when coming up with new roof designs. Similarly, designers in Australia are looking overseas for the next trend in home design. Technology and minimalism have seen a rise in new house and roof designs and this will continue to persist into the future. As a [...]

Installing Green Roof Options

The threat of climate change has seen a rise in homeowners looking at ways to cut carbon emission. Installing a green roof has many benefits to both your home and the environment. If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, your roof shouldn’t be neglected. This low-cost solution will liven up your home and [...]