The A-Z of Roofing in Australia

The roofing business is booming in Australia. People across the country are looking to update their old, worn-out roof tops and make it more durable and aesthetically attractive. With over 35 years of experience, Roof [...]

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Solar Panels – Are They a Worthwhile Investment?

Solar panels are what everyone’s talking about when it comes to energy efficiency. The general consensus is that they save money by absorbing energy from UV rays. In the end, however, are solar panels really [...]

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Putting Festive Lights and Decorations on your Roof – Doing It Right

When you think of Christmas, what comes into your mind? Most likely, you’ll be thinking of presents, Christmas trees and a delicious roast lunch. There’s also the tradition of dazzling your house with Christmas lights! [...]

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What’s Your Roof Top Like?

Australia is full of different roof tops, each with their own style and functionality. The type of roof top you have can depend on climate, aesthetic, and the overall location of your house. Want to [...]

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Gutters, Downpipes and Roofs – How All Three Matter

We all take our roofs for granted. As long as they keep us safe and comfortable, most of us don’t worry about maintenance. However, we don’t realise how important gutter and downpipe maintenance is to [...]

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Fire and Your Roof – What You Should Know

If your roof has been properly installed, the risk of a fire breaking out is very low. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility. While you may think a fire will never start in [...]

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