Complete Re Roofing throughout Perth and W.A

Roof Top Industries offers re-roofing services in Perth and WA. Our re-roofing services include all aspects of re-roofing, including high-quality tiled options and expert technical help and support.

Does Your Home Need Re Roofing?

Re roofing involves a range of potentially serious issues.

  • leaking roof or other symptoms of deterioration can create a lot of risky and expensive structural issues.
  • Older roofs may have internal defects and cause structural issues.
  • Roofing structures may have suffered past damage or neglect. Typical signs of roof problems include stains and discolourations on walls and ceilings.
  • Internal leak penetration into electrical wiring or other systems can do serious internal damage and even cause fires.

These problems can also cost you a lot of money if they’re not fixed fast. The issues listed above can cause truly catastrophic damage. We’re here to provide professional quality work, expert advice and all the services you need. Roof Top Industries has helped hundreds of homeowners in Perth to restore their old roofs with beautiful new tiled roofs.

How Roof Top Industries Re Roofing is Done

We conduct an assessment of your roof to find the problems. These issues may include roof structural problems, roof drainage issues, roof seals, fascia, sarking and other common problems.

Our experts will consult with you during this process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your re roofing options.  Our roofing team will help and advise throughout the re roofing assessment and re-roofing work.

The re roofing process may include:

  • tile replacements
  • roof interior structural work as required
  • internal and external roofing seals
  • roof drainage work including guttering, pipes, and more

We offer a free, no-obligation measure and quote to all customers.

Choose Your New Roof!

Roof Top Industries uses only top-quality roofing products. We offer a truly excellent range of choices of tiles, too. Make your re roofing job a chance to upgrade and get an excellent, attractive roof for your home.

Ask Us about Re Roofing

To find out more about re-roofing, and for any help and advice you need, call us. Phone (08) 9309 3993 or contact us online and speak to our team about your roofing needs. We’ll be happy to provide all the friendly service and expert guidance you need.