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Re-roofing is essentially a reconstruction job, which involves effectively rebuilding the roof and fixing any related issues caused by a damaged roof. Re-roofing is usually recommended when a roof has sustained serious damage and/or deterioration. Re-roofing is a major operation, so we’re going to give you some pointers to clarify the issues and explain why this type of work is often a better option.

Why Re-Roofing Instead of Roof Repairs?

In cases of minor roof damage, all you’ll probably need are some basic repairs. Re-roofing, however, is based on a much larger scale of problems for roofs. A few common issues which require re-roofing rather than repairs are indicative:

  • Structural damage: This can be anything from roofing supports falling to pieces, timber rot, serious impacts on the roof above the ceiling, and more. These issues can affect the entire building, with serious consequences and possible major repairs required. Water entry through a structurally compromised roof, in particular, can wreak havoc.
  • The roof is unsafe: Another major risk for both homeowners and roofers, in these cases working on the roof is dangerous and the roof may even cave in. It’s just too risky. A rebuild is the only good, all-round solution.
  • The “domino effect” of damaged tile roofs: Tile roofs are heavy. If the roof is out of position, the new positioning of this very large weight will affect adjoining structural supports. In turn, other structural supports will also be forced out of alignment by gravity. It’s a good, thorough way of completely destroying a building. Even steel frames are affected by this no-win situation, and timber frames can be catastrophically affected.

Re-roofing as a much better option

The simple fact is that a few repairs can’t fix these problems. The most likely result of trying to repair a seriously compromised roof is that the repairs won’t solve the problems.

If the structure is significantly deteriorated and out of alignment, no amount of tile replacement and putting in new supports can really solve the big issues. The whole roof structure is one big problem.

You also need to thoroughly fix any issues related to the structural problems as outlined above. Your roofers will patiently, but meticulously, go through the entire spectrum of damage and recommend re-roofing as the best all-round solution.

The good news about re-roofing is that it is a complete fix. New roofing will be free of any problems and be properly constructed to ensure that your new roof will be in excellent working order and remain structurally sound.

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