Looking up at brand new red roof tiles under a cloudy sky with sunlight breaking through the clouds

Every roof is the same, right? Wrong! The right roof is a good structural fixture, perfect for your building. It’s also an attractive roof, using top-quality roof tiles and expertly installed to ensure good structural integrity.

Getting a new roof can be a major issue. You obviously want a top-quality roof, perfect for your home, with no unexpected surprises after installation. The risk is a low-quality roofing job with added problems, and that’s definitely not where you want to be when you’re paying good money for your roof.

If you’re looking at a new roof, it’s a good move to talk to the experts before making a financial commitment. We’re going to explain the issues and how your roofers can help you get a problem-free, great roof at a great price.

New Roof Basics

You don’t just install a new roof. You check out the type of building and plan your roofing to match the structure of your home. Older homes, like Federation homes, are designed for a specific type of roofing. The 1970s and 80s buildings use newer roofing but they’re structurally quite different. More modern buildings, which are usually CAD-designed, are better but they still need the right roofing to match their structures.

Put simply, roof materials, structural supports and interiors can vary a lot. A Federation style roof could be far too heavy for a 1970s building, which has a much lighter frame. Matching CAD specifications on newer roofs is just as important. It’s all a question of the right fit for the buildings.

The quality of materials, like roof tiles and roof supports, is critical. It is way easier and more economical to install a new roof correctly the first time than to go back and fix issues as they appear. This where top-quality roof tiles and good, strong supports are the key.

Sealing, too, is critically important. There’s nothing quite like a leaky roof, which hasn’t been properly waterproofed and sealed, when the poor homeowner has just paid a fortune for the new roofing.

What Your Roofers Can Do for You

All aspects of a new roof have to be mapped out and preferably installed by highly experienced roofers. Expert roofers will know what the possible problems will be, and how to prevent them, before they even start work. You’ll find your roofers thoroughly checking roof plans and inspecting onsite, looking for any issues from day one.

Please also note – It’s a good move to discuss your roofing for a very practical reason. Your roofers will be able to give you a clear picture of roofing issues, keeping you in the loop about costs and possible structural issues. You won’t be guessing about your new roof, and you’ll also get valuable help with a wide choice of top-quality roofing materials.

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