Picture of damaged roof with large area of tiles missing

If you’re looking at reroofing your house, you have an opportunity to solve problems and add value to your home. There are several considerations in reroofing, but there are also many major positives.

Your Old Roof

An old roof can be a significant problem. Many older roofs look OK but have structural and interior defects. These defects, particularly structural issues, can represent significant costs.

The problems are:

  • An old roof can be a serious liability, particularly if the roof leaks or has interior damage
  • Roof repairs may actually be more expensive than a new roof
  • Accessing interior defect issues may be difficult, without removing the old roof either entirely or partially
  • Old roofs can be structural problems for extensions and renovations because some roof structures are unsuitable for the new additions
  • Long-term maintenance costs for old roofs, particularly those with existing problems, can be prohibitive

As you can see, in any of these scenarios, the old roof needs to be assessed in terms of cost, risk, and future value.

Roof Replacement and Reroofing

Before you make any decisions, talk to professional roofers and have your roof inspected.

You must have an accurate assessment of:

  • Existing problems and the potential costs of roof repair
  • Options and costs for roof replacement or reroofing
  • Design issues in relation to renovations and extensions

Professional roofers will tell you that best practice is to inspect the building, as well as the roof, for possible structural issues. The structural and related issues related to old roofs may also impact new roofing.

The very positive side of this process is that you will get a clear range of viable options and accurate costs. Most importantly, you will also get a professional assessment of any potentially serious structural problems. If you need a new roof, your roofers will be able to advise you how to fix these issues.

Your New Roof

New roofing allows access to all the problems caused by the old roof. Insulation, flashings, guttering, interior leaks, and other problems can be fixed in the process of installing your new roof.

If you’re renovating or extending your home, your new roof is also a good working solution. You can replace the problematic old roof and fix those problems, integrating the new roof into your new home design.

The Bottom Line Values of Reroofing

For homeowners, reroofing equates to good bottom line values:

  • Eliminated risks of structural damage and related expenses from roof problems
  • Lower maintenance costs over time; your new roof and roof tiles will require much less maintenance over coming decades
  • Improved property values; a leaky old roof can take tens of thousands off the sale value of your home

Considering Reroofing in Perth?

If you’d like some expert help with your reroofing, Roof Top Industries can provide all the help you need. We’re experts in roof replacement, roof repairs and reroofing. Give us a call and speak to one of our team about your needs. We’re happy to assist and provide any advice and professional guidance you need.