Roofers with tile stack on multi angle roofre

Many people cost themselves a lot of money by skimping on roof maintenance. The less you do to maintain your roof, the more expensive roof repairs become. Let’s find out more about why you should spend money to make money from your roof.

Roof Costs Basics

Replacing a few tiles or doing some basic maintenance work doesn’t really cost a lot of money. It’s also a lot cheaper than the sort of work that needs doing when major roofing repair work is required.

As experienced roof tilers will tell you:

  • A loose tile creates a leak
  • The leak delivers a lot of water to the roofing insulation, and more water spreads to the ceiling
  • The water gets into timbers and elsewhere in the house
  • At some point, if the leak continues, there is a risk that the water may get in contact with the electrical system. That could cause short circuits or a fire
  • Overall repairs, including relining the roof, replacing roof seals, and other structural work may cost tens of thousands of dollar

Fixing the original leaky tile would have cost at most $100 or so. It’s a no-brainer.

Home Roofing and Property Values

A less obvious but very relevant cost is the potential value of a badly maintained roof as a buyer disincentive. If a buyer sees a roof which will obviously cost large amounts of money to fix, your property price could be compromised.

Can You Save Money by Repairing Your Roof Yourself?

In the past, DIY roof repair was pretty straightforward and, provided that it was a simple job, it was cheaper. If you have a modern home, however, be warned; DIY can actually cost you more money.

Put simply, modern roofing requires expert maintenance. Roofing work is also dangerous, and the risk of injury is considerable. Unless you’re a trained roofer with the right equipment, DIY is not advised.

The Truth about Roofing Costs

The fact is that roofing costs are actually reasonably cheap. Even if you need a reasonable amount of work done and you’re using top quality roofing products, you’re really not looking at huge amounts of money. Roofers charge competitively, and they want your business.

When you compare the possible costs of extensive roof maintenance with basic, common sense maintenance, it’s no contest. Simply calling a roofer will definitely save you some money by avoiding extra costs.

The other important benefit of professional roofing maintenance is that you can be sure that the work will be done well. Your home will be properly protected and you will have additional future protection in the form of your warranty.

Want Some Help with Your Roof in Perth?

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