Roof with debris and dislocated grey tiles

Investment property owners sometimes overlook the potential risks and problems of roofing. This actually is a bottom line issue. A poorly constructed roof can deliver more problems than any investor wants to think about.

Poor construction includes misaligned tiles, roof support problems, poor guttering, and other major disasters. One of the big problems for property owners is that many of these installation issues are not visible.

Roofing Construction Problems Overview

Roofing construction problems pose major issues for property investors:

  • Structural risks: A badly constructed roof is basically a structural problem waiting to happen. If the roof supports are not properly constructed, the roof can actually fall to pieces. Leaks, tiles suddenly out of alignment, guttering problems or other issues are the first visual symptoms.
  • Safety hazards: Some problems caused by poor construction can be very dangerous. A leaky roof can cause serious safety problems. If water gets into the electrical system, repair costs are likely to be expensive. The other likely hazard is that the damaged wiring may cause a fire. Additional hazards include wood rot damaging support timbers, moisture build-up in ceilings and related issues.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Another problem, not often appreciated by property investors, is the inevitable costs of fixing roofing issues. This is another symptom of a badly constructed roof. If you find yourself routinely paying for roofing repairs, you probably do need a new roof.

Property Values and Roofing Issues

The high-priced Australian property market doesn’t like extra expenses in any form. If the buyer takes a look at your property and sees thousands of dollars’ worth of rectification needed for your roof, your offer price will go down rapidly.

This nasty combination of lower values and extra maintenance costs isn’t good for your investment portfolio, either. The net asset value goes down, and your costs go up. You wind up on the wrong end of the balance sheet both ways.

Roofing Solutions

In general, best practice for property investors is to replace badly constructed roofs. This may cost a bit of money upfront, but the risk of additional expenses and liabilities through interior damage and safety hazards can cost much more.

The good news for property investors is that good roofing solutions are comparatively cheap. You can get a brand-new roof with fabulous top quality tiles installed at a price which is likely to be considerably better than ongoing maintenance costs.

You can also add value to your property with your new roof, particularly if you’re doing extensions or other value-adding work. All you need to do is integrate your roofing solutions with your new renovations. This will add value and reduce operational costs considerably.

Roof Top Industries, Your One Stop Roofing Solution

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