Modern two story house with multiple roofs

Your roof is one of the most valuable assets in your home or investment property. Good roofing makes a good impression and using top quality roofing products also adds value to the exterior presentation of your property.

If you’re looking to enhance your kerb appeal, consider quality materials like Harmony roof tiles, Boral tiles, Bristile tiles and Monier roofing tiles. But it doesn’t all come down to style and material. You also need to look after your roof. Let’s find out how.

Roof Maintenance

Basic roof maintenance is absolutely essential. Any kind of roof damage can do significant interior damage. In terms of investment values, this type of damage can lead to significant costs.

For valuation purposes, get your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor. Any problems will be identified and remedial work can be carried out to minimise the risk of loss.

It is critically important that any roofing work is carried out by professional roofers. “Handyman” roofing work may require rectification to meet building inspection standards and buyer expectations.

Roofing Upgrades, Renovations and Extensions Options

Your of new roofing also plays a major role in investment values. If you’re looking for a new roof for renovations, extensions, or a general roof upgrade, there are several points to consider:

Are you considering upgrading your roof? If so, do you prefer a fabulous tile roof, like the new modern mansions, or a more traditional roof? You may want to consider consulting a designer or architect, particularly if you’re doing renovations extensions.

What sort of budget do you have? You may be surprised to learn that professional roofers can help you a lot with your budget. You really do not have to pay top dollar to get your roof back in top condition. You will need to talk to the experts to get reliable costings and the best dollar value for your budget.

Does your existing roof need significant repairs? If so, roof replacement becomes a viable option. If you’re doing renovations or extensions, roof replacement or reroofing may be a better, and perhaps even a cheaper, option. If you’re in the middle of upgrading your home, roof repairs may also conflict and lead to extra costs. (Repairs to an existing roof may not be much cheaper than roof replacement in some cases. Check prices and see what’s possible).

Do you have any major design considerations? If you’re upgrading your home, the design factor must be taken into account. It is strongly recommended to speak to a professional roofer regarding your design issues.

Need to Talk to the Experts About Your Roof?

If you’d like to get some expert help with your roof, we’re your local roofing contractors in Wangara and the rest of Perth.

Roof Top Industries provides roof installation, roof replacement and roof tiles.. Ask us about budget considerations, roof problem solving, and for any other help you need. We also offer professional help and guidance for roof replacements, new builds, and extensions. Expect only top quality professional standards of work and friendly service from us.