Weeds growing in a roof

Keeping a roof over the family home is an essential part of life. It looks after you and as a homeowner, you need to return the favour. If your roof has been neglected, the damage may not be completely visible without a proper inspection.

Why You Need to Inspect Your Roof

Inspecting your roof will give you peace of mind that your home is free from any damage. Australian weather conditions are some of the harshest in the world and our roofs bare the full force. Keeping your roof free from damage will save you money in the future. The more you neglect your roof, the more likely it is to suffer internal and external damage.

DIY Inspection

If you are not deterred by heights, you can conduct your own inspection of your roof. The roof must be inspected thoroughly and all safety measures must be in place. To conduct a roof inspection on your home there are guidelines that need to be followed.

Have a Look at Paperwork

If you plan on inspecting your roof, go through all the paperwork related to your roof. This includes:

  • Contact numbers of builders, contractors and architects who were involved in planning and construction of the roof
  • Warranty
  • Receipts and invoices of any previous repair work done to the roof

Before stepping onto your roof, you need to do a proper background check. If work has been conducted previously, it is best that you know what areas are at risk of damage.

Check from the Ground

Don’t climb up the ladder just yet. Thoroughly inspect the property from the ground. This will allow you to scope out the roof and to check for any cracks or leaks. If you notice any leakage, it may not be coming from your roof. Pipes and gutters spring leaks and will seep into any crevice of a property.

Inspect the Roof

When climbing onto a roof, ensure your ladder is properly secured. If need be, hire scaffolding to help prevent any accidents. A safety harness should be worn.

Check the tiles for any cracks or looseness and take note of the damage. Flashings also need to be thoroughly checked. These metal pieces cover interruptions on your roof around vent pipes and chimneys. If you notice anything irregular about them, contact a roofing contractor immediately. If you have a metal roof, check for any erosion or warping. This is a sign that the material has exceeded its life expectancy.

It is best that you inspect your roof at least twice a year. The best times to do it are in early autumn, just after summer and early spring. This is because our roofs take a battering in the summer and winter months due to the heat and cold.

As a roof inspection specialist, Root Top Industries will carry out an inspection, regardless of the home. Regular inspections are important for keeping your roof in good condition. If you would like to learn more about our service, contact us  or call on 08 9309 3993.