Beautiful new brown roof tiles on brand new home with three separate angled roofs

Second hand roof tiles are commonly used, partly for lower costs but also because they’re often great tiles that still look excellent. You can get some excellent deals on very good second hand tiles.

Having said that; look out for iffy second hand tiles! We’re going to give you a sort of buyer’s guide and explain what to look for when you’re buying second hand tiles.

What to Look Out for When Buying Second Hand Tiles

There are quite a few possible issues with dodgy second hand tiles which are relatively easy to spot:

  • Surfaces: Does the tile surface look good and clean, or does it have chips and marks? Top-quality tiles look about the same as new tiles. They’re in overall good condition and don’t look like they’ve been through a demolition derby. Chips and marks could mean poor handling while being recycled, something pro roofers never do. These defects don’t speak well for buying a whole load, either, if the best the seller can do is show you a messy looking tile as a sample.
  • Edges: A few minor imperfections on the tile surface aren’t hanging offences. If the edges aren’t in good condition, however, you’ve got a whole new ball game. Edges relate to tile interlocking and waterproofing. Bad edges, therefore, are a risk. If the edges on second hand tiles look bad, forget it.
  • Cracks in ceramic or terracotta tiles: If you show a professional roofer a second hand ceramic tile, concrete tile or terracotta tile with a crack in it, you can expect a very negative reaction. Your roofer will give you a look of horrified, utter disbelief. There’s only one thing that can happen with a cracked tile, and that’s a broken tile. These “alleged roofing tiles” are downright dangerous to work on, and can do a lot of damage to a roof and the interior of a home. No good roofer will sell them, let alone think about using them.

Buying Second Hand Roof Tiles

The strictly best practice approach to buying second hand tiles is quite simple:

  • All tiles will be in excellent condition: You’ll see tiles which are in excellent condition, with good surfaces, edging, and no cracks at all.
  • The seller will give you a solid guarantee: This is standard practice among leading roofers, and the warranty will cover defects and replacements. You can have a bit of peace of mind to go with your new roof, too.
  • You’ll get a significant discount: Whether the second hand roof tiles are the last word in elegant terracotta, ceramics, or mainstream market concrete tiles, you’ll definitely save money. You can get an excellent deal, too, if you’re looking at a large roof so it’s worth exploring your options.

Looking for Second Hand Roof Tiles in Perth?

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