Large blue tile roof with solar panel

When it comes to the style of your roof, terracotta and concrete are two of the major players. Many people prefer terracotta tiles, but modern concrete tiles are also excellent. In practice, both types of tiles are an effective roofing solution for modern buildings.

The main difference between terracotta tiles and concrete tiles is the terracotta is ceramic. But what else is there to know? Today we’re going to discuss the relative merits of these two types of tiles.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are traditional favourites. They are very popular for their aesthetic value, and they’re incredibly reliable. These tiles are excellent options for just about any type of home and materials standards for terracotta tiles are invariably very good.

Terracotta tiles are lighter than concrete and the weight factor is important.  On larger roofs, the weight of the heavier concrete tiles may be relevant to structural considerations.

Terracotta tiles also retain their colour very well and for longer than concrete tiles. The colour factor is very important in exterior presentation, contributing to added value perceptions for your property.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are strong, versatile and long lasting. That’s a major consideration, particularly in terms of ongoing maintenance costs. Modern concrete tiles come in a very broad range of colours. These colours may not last as long as terracotta tiles, but they still last a very long time.

Concrete tiles are also cheaper than terracotta. If you’re looking at a major outlay for your roofing, you should compare relative costs of terracotta and concrete. Ask your roofing contractor for guidance regarding budget options for these two different types of roofing tiles.


There’s no doubt about the fact that the different tiles provide different design options. Many people prefer terracotta tiles for their elegant traditional look, whole others prefer concrete tiles for modern designs.

Architectural Issues

Unlike just about everybody else in the terracotta versus concrete tile debate, architects do have clear preferences. Their preferences are based on a range of building and design issues. Architects may recommend installing particular types of roofing tile for a range of very good reasons. Architectural issues may include stress loadings, colour considerations, and in some cases, design features like bay windows, gables, and similar issues.

Please note that these architectural issues may relate to significant technical building requirements, as well as aesthetic considerations, particularly if you’re reroofing or upgrading. It is strongly recommended that you receive guidance from your architect regarding any building requirements.

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