Roofer laying brand new terracotta roof tiles

If you’re thinking of “saving” a bit of money on Brand X roof tiles, think again! Roof tiles and their quality are critical considerations for roofing. Top-quality roofing tiles are a must. The bottom line here is that top brand roofing tiles are far superior to the El Cheapo type.

What’s the Difference between Top-quality Tiles and Brand X Tiles?

The differences between the good and bad tiles are:


Top-quality tiles are made from top-quality materials. Roofing tiles usually come in either terracotta or concrete. Both have their advantages and provide very distinctive aesthetic appeal depending on what the home owner was looking to achieve. Concrete tiles are made from good quality concrete, which is very consistent and strong. You may have heard tradespeople talking about the difference between good concrete and bad, and it is chalk and cheese.

Low grade concrete is inferior, nowhere near as strong, and wears poorly. If you’ve ever seen what the ferocious Australian summer sun can do to low-quality concrete, enough said. Poor-quality tiles aren’t exactly popular in the roofing trade, for that reason. They’re more trouble than they’re worth, and they’re not worth much.

Top-quality Tiles are very Long Wearing

You may never need to replace good roofing tiles. The Brand X variety of tiles, however, will definitely give you trouble sooner or later and usually take a few repair jobs to replace them. Top-quality tiles last forever.

Top-quality tiles are pretty easy to spot, too, with fine finishes and precision cut tiles. If you get the chance, compare a big name brand roof tile with a Brand X. You don’t have to be a roofing expert to see which is better.

H3: Better Looking Tiles

The El Cheapo tiles don’t look like much, either. They’re usually pretty bland, not to say downright dull-looking. Top brand tiles, like Monier, Boral, Bristile, and Harmony tiles look great and offer a vast selection of colour choices. For roofers, these tiles are the must-haves, because their quality assurance is excellent.

You may be interested to know that one of the reasons that these tiles are household names in Australia is because Australian roofers prefer them. These top brands have been in use since the post-war Baby Boom simply because they’re that good. That’s also why they’ve been buying and selling them for decades.

H3: Prices

If you buy cheap roof tiles, you’re not saving much up front, either. Top-quality tiles aren’t much more expensive than the cheap tiles. For a few bucks more, you can get a far superior tile, which definitely won’t cause the problems that low-quality tiles will inevitably have.

The bottom line, in this case, is that expert roofers don’t want anything to do with poor-quality roof tiles. Leading roofers won’t even stock them and they’ll advise you against false economies if you’re thinking of buying low-quality tiles.

H3: Trying to Find Top Brand Roof Tiles in Perth?

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