3 roofing workers stripping away old roofing materials

Finding the right roofing contractor is very important. There are some bad roofers out there who perform substandard work and engage in ethically questionable business practices.

Here we share a few tips on how to avoid mediocre contractors and ensure your roofer is a skilled professional who will provide the best value for your money.


Roofing contractors must have a business license to operate. It ensures that their work is insured and that they are properly qualified for the job. Different states have different licenses and compliance requirements, so check what is relevant for you.

In Western Australia for example, Roofers are generally covered by a Building Practitioner license from the Building Commission. This requires them to submit proof of qualifications and experience amongst other things.


Investigate a roofing contractor’s track record. The roofing industry is increasingly competitive, which makes finding out a roofer’s work history easier than ever. Good roofing companies are very willing to elaborate on their credentials, methods and past projects.

Roofing contractors who are hesitant to discuss these details are not a good option. A roofer should be proud and forthcoming about their work. You might also have friends and family who have worked with roofing companies in the area. Ask them about their experiences.

Warranty and Liability Coverage

Quality roofing work will stand the test of time. A roofing contractor who is confident about their quality of work will be more than happy to provide a warranty. They should also provide full liability coverage and have a comprehensive understanding of occupational health and safety legislation in your state.


It’s not very comforting to have a roofing contractor that is too busy for you. Some roofing companies start multiple jobs without completing them in a reasonable time and working over a disjointed schedule. You want a roofer who depicts reliability and builds confidence. They should have a reasonable idea of when the job will be completed and always keep an open line of communication with you. Be very clear about your expectations before signing any contracts.


Roofing contractors should provide accurate estimates. Some roofers will leave out some costs to make their service appear lower than other roofing companies. To combat the risk of this happening, you should secure quotes from three different roofing companies and compare them. If two of the roofers have listed labour and materials that the third one hasn’t, question the third person about their estimates.

The best roofing companies offer a free measure and quote and are happy to take you through all the details of what is required for the job.


Roofing is a very skillful practice with detailed procedures and methods that are refined over a long period of constant practice. To ensure the best quality of work, seek out a roofing company with years, even decades, of experience.

The team at Roof Top Industries has more than 30 years of experience installing roofs in homes around Perth, Wangara and Western Australia. We can provide you with friendly, honest advice and free onsite quote. Contact us today.