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When it comes to choosing a roof for your house, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. After all, this is a life-long investment. You need to make sure that your roof complies with a number of different factors. From appearance to durability, it should be able to withstand certain conditions to ensure it promotes safety and style.

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You may be looking for a stylish roof for your home, but there are more important things to consider first. For example, where your house is located plays a huge factor in the style of roof you should choose. Is your area prone to weather conditions such as extreme heat or frost? Are heavy storms or cyclones prominent? Is your house located near coastal areas? More specifically, are there trees surrounding your home or is your house pretty isolated? Different roofs suit different homes, as some will withstand certain conditions better than others.


The profile of your roof refers to the shape and style of the tile. This will be factored in by your roof’s pitch, as different angles may suit certain tiles. Your profile will also be determined by the aesthetics of your house. Tiles come in various shapes and sizes, and your house may look differently with certain choices.


Everyone knows that colours improve the appearance of your home. The colour you choose should coordinate with the style of your house. Do you want your home to look sleek and stylish? Perhaps the cool, sharp colours of the Bristle Vienna tiles may take your fancy. Alternatively, if you want to capture the laidback, Australian lifestyle, more contemporary tiles like the burnt out Monier Marseille tiles may suit you better.

The colour of your tiles should also factor in your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re located in a cooler climate, darker colours can help absorb more heat. Otherwise, if you wish to cool down your home, choose a lighter colour to reflect sunlight.


Depending on your price range, your choice of roof tiles may be limited. Some roof tiles are more expensive than others, so it’s very important to decide how much you want to spend. This isn’t just because of how much money you want to save. You should purchase roof tiles that are affordable and reliable. There are some roof tiles out there that are cheaper, but require more maintenance. This may cost you more money down the track, so spend wisely.

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