House roof on fire

If your roof has been properly installed, the risk of a fire breaking out is very low. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility. While you may think a fire will never start in your roof, there are a number of ways it could still happen. You know the saying: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

From the different causes of roof fires, to what you can do if a fire should break out, follow a guide so you and your loved ones can be properly protected and insured.

How a Fire Can Start

No roof is unsusceptible to fires. There are many different hazards that can ignite a fire in your home:

Poor Roof Installation

It’s a fact that if your roof isn’t properly installed, fires are more likely to start. It’s vital that your roofer ensures that your roof is completely fireproof. This includes using high-quality roof tiles and shingles, and fire-resistant sarking materials. Your roofer should also make sure there aren’t any gaps in your roof, which can be a high risk of penetration. Installing insulation can help reduce these risks and defend your roof from burning embers.

Electrical Wires

Faulty electrical wires in your roof are the leading cause of fires. An exposed wire can create a spark which leads to your roof being engulfed in flames. Hire an electrician to inspect your wires so you can take immediate action if one of them is exposed. You may also need to hire a pest control service, as there may be animals or insects hiding in your roof that are chewing at your wires.


Build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris in your gutters can be a serious fire hazard. You should clean out your gutters at least once a year to minimize the chances of debris igniting a fire.


Leaks can cause wires in your roof to malfunction and start a fire. You or a professional should inspect the roof for any leaks. They can be easily spotted if you see any mould or water spots in the roof or walls.


If you live in a fire prone area such as bushland, or if your home is surrounded by trees, you are at a higher risk of fires. Hiring services to remove any materials like branches, leaves and bushes, can reduce the risk of a fire. However, if you live in bushland, you’ll need to take extra measures to protect your roof, as well as be prepared if in the case that a fire ignites nearby.

What to do if a Fire Starts

If a fire should break out in your roof, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you and your loved ones are out of the house. Once everyone is safe, call fire services immediately so they can control the fire.

After the fire is out, you’ll need to inspect the damage that has been caused to your roof. Roof damage can cost you thousands to fix, which is why you need to make sure your insurance can cover it. If your insurance isn’t covered for fire damages yet, research options and take it out fast. Once your finances have been sorted, hire professional services so you can begin fixing your roof. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your roof is as fireproof as possible to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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