Stacks of brown roof tiles on roof in process of construction

If your roof is damaged, you must take action immediately to fix that damage. We’re going to give you some pointers on how to manage roof damage issues, and some important safety tips, too.

How to Hit the Ground Running When Your Roof is Damaged

Roof damage can be caused by wind, tree branches, structural issues, and sometimes simply by the age of the roof, where an existing problem has suddenly become visible. The initial problem can do a lot more damage, too, if your roof has gaps or leaks. The sooner you get moving on fixing the problems, the better.

Steps to take:

  • Call your local roofers: Local roofers can get onsite fast and go to work on the problems. They can also mitigate problems like leaks with temporary covers, tarpaulins, and similar measures, to prevent damage from spreading.
  • Wait for your roofers to do a thorough inspection: The roofers will check and inspect all the issues, including the far less obvious problems. The less obvious problems include structural issues, risk assessments, and painstaking evaluations of everything that needs fixing.

Don’t Even Think About Patch Jobs. Get Repairs Done Properly!

The only good thing to be said about a patch job on a roof is that it’s an OK temporary measure. Patches can be useful in this regard and may need to be done to deal with risks to the interior, prior to proper repair work.

A patch is not, however, a proper fix. A patch is like a splint on a broken bone; it provides support but it doesn’t actually mend the bone. Best practice is to fully replace structural components, not patch them, for that reason.

Patches, particularly low-quality patches, can actually make things worse, too. If a patch gives way, it exposes the weakened roof structure to more stress. Think “a lot more money to fix, and a leaky roof, as well!”, and you get the picture.

Your roofers won’t be talking about patches at all unless a patch is justified. They’ll tell you, quite rightly, that the best option is to replace damaged roof components entirely. This is the safest, most cost-effective approach to roof repairs, and it’s far superior to the best patch job.

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