Brand new modern tile roof in stepped, three tier roof design

Upgrading your home can be an excellent move. You can fix annoying problems, add value and get a great, new place with everything you want. That’s all well and good but please, take note that your roof might pose a few unexpected issues, both structurally and in terms of cost. The roof is a very large area and may involve some rebuilding and new roofing.

It’s best not to be caught by surprise by these issues so talk to the experts at the planning stage. You can find yourself trying to upgrade with a completely unexpected range of technical and practical problems.

Upgrades and Roofing Issues

Modern designers are very good at planning upgrades, extensions and even major rebuilds. The major issue for homeowners isn’t design; it is not understanding the added problems related to their roofing. Many modern designs include complex roofing structures, adding a new storey, and/or multiple roof faces for upstairs rooms, etc.

Some of these designs are truly beautiful but you can do without the “imponderables” of cost, materials, exterior presentation, and similar problems. One of the more annoying problems is budgeting, which of course must be done accurately. Costs can be higher than expected even without structural issues.

Advice from the Professionals Makes All the Difference

It’s best to get some professional advice and expertise on your side so you can fully understand the roofing issues. You can assess your preferences and above all, make sure your roofing is top-quality.

Your roofers will help with:

Choice of roofing: A great tile roof isn’t necessarily expensive; in fact, you may actually get what you want under your budget. Some of the latest roof tiles are absolutely brilliant, great for a new home or home upgrade. You can get top-quality tiles from your roofer, at a much better cost than from non-roofers.

Practical solutions for upgrades: Your roofers will be able to inspect your building, check your new design, and find any issues or possible problems instantly. If that sounds to you like a good way of saving a fortune, your financial instincts are in perfect working order.

A “meeting of the minds” with your designer: Roofers and designers speak “roof language” fluently. Please note that this meeting may be critically important when you’re upgrading an older home. Your roofers will be able to provide your designer with reliable, technical information regarding roof structuring, supports, and things like roof seals and roofing drainage. Sit in on this meeting, and you’ll learn a lot about roofing and problem solving.

Upgrading Your Home in Perth? Talk to Roof Top Industries

For all the help you need with a home upgrade in Perth, when it comes to roofing, talk to Roof Top Industries. We have the brilliant, new roof tiles and all the right roofing supplies for any type of new roofing. Give us a call, speak to our experts and expect top-quality roofing backed up by great service.