Futuristic inspired home

Architects and builders are looking to the future for inspiration when coming up with new roof designs. Similarly, designers in Australia are looking overseas for the next trend in home design. Technology and minimalism have seen a rise in new house and roof designs and this will continue to persist into the future.

As a team of forward-thinking roof specialists, here is Roof Top Industries’ list of futuristic roof designs that already exist today!

Hydraulic Roof

The first of its kind, this genius design opens and closes at will. Designed by Belgian architect Michel Boucquillon, the hydraulic roof opens on both sides to 30 degrees. Ideal for ventilation, the view of the stars at night is a sight to behold. The future of roofing will benefit greatly with this unique design.

Slanted Roof Line Home

Nestled away in an old quarry in Poland, architects used geometric shapes to form one very special slanted roof. Angled on a 30-degree slope, the roof is connected to angular lines around the home. The glass railings along the terraces even allow access into the home’s interior.

Outdoor Green Space

Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, this checkerboard designed space is ideal for office buildings and larger homes. Kuma designed the space as a place where people can interact with each other in a serene environment. This open space is the way of the future for an eco-friendly, open area.

Shell House

Another Japanese designed home, this design is a must see. Located in the resort town of Karuizawa, the home is constructed out of wood and concrete. The design utilises double-elliptical shapes that form the basis of the shape of the structure.

Crescent Shaped

Nestled in the small, country town of Inverloch in Victoria, this unique home is the brainchild of architect James Stockwell. The shape of the home was inspired by nature and looks at the idea of shelter in an exposed environment. The curved roof slopes up and down in a continuous line. Parts of the shape have been carved out to form patios and part of the actual home.

Flight of the Birds

Don’t fear – there were no birds harmed in the building of this structure! Located in Azores, Portugal, this home is shaped like the wings of a bird. The unique design is more than just a visual appeal. The home was designed to protect against wind and rain and offers a patio and courtyard on the roof. These patios allow natural light to enter the home through clear glass panels.

Wave Shape

Renowned for its beaches, Bondi can also lay claim to having one of the most unique homes in Australia. Ultra-modern, the home was designed by Brian Meyerson Architects. A garden sits atop of the house that is used a relaxation space. Spacious and cool, the home has won over Bondi residents with its design.

Roof designs will change but our commitment to excellence will remain. If you are in the market for a new roof, get in touch with the team at Roof Top Industries. We already have an eye to the future, installing products like Sarking, Elasto-Max, and Sisalation to reinforce, protect and enhance your roof.

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