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Installed under your tiled or metal roof, EnviroSeal Roof Sarking combines the benefits of condensation control and reflective thermal insulation. It provides excellent protection against burning embers and radiant heat generated from bushfires.

Bradford EnviroSeal Roof Sarking is a pliable, reflective membrane, which provides protection from unwanted moisture build up in your roof. Due to its reflective surface, it also reduces radiant heat transfer into your home during summer, keeping it cooler during the daytime when you need it most.

Westflex Starpoint

Westflex Starpoint is 100% acrylic and replaces the cement pointing on tiled roofs on new and existing dwellings, firmly securing ridge capping for years to come. This WA manufactured product eliminates the ridge capping problem by ensuring the existence of flexibility in the visible pointing area on a roof. Once applied, Westflex Starpoint requires no maintenance.

Roof Hip Tites

A hip roof has four slopes to common eaves all the way around a house. The centre portion of a hip roof is framed just like a gable roof, with common rafters from a peak to two outside walls. The hip ends are framed with diagonal rafters from the peak to the wall corners, with a single common rafter in the centre from the peak to the wall. Angled “jack” rafters to connect the angled hips to the common rafters. Most roof connections will be made on a gable side.


Super Sisalation Tiled Roof Extra Heavy Duty (469) is a premium Extra Heavy Duty reflective foil laminate that not only provides amazing strength and resistance to puncture or tearing but is also independently tested and certified as being a Fall Arrest sarking material. With the Building Code now recommending the use of certified Fall Arrest sarking materials on all construction and building sites, Super Sisalation is the only choice that guarantees compliance and provides the very best in insulation materials.

Sisalation Tiled Roof Extra Heavy Duty (473) is a paper-based Extra Heavy Duty sarking with a reinforced heavy weight design that makes it ideal for installation in all areas prone to high or seasonal winds. Added strength is also provided through the addition of extra layers of high tensile strength fibreglass reinforcing.

Sisalation Tiled Roof Heavy Duty (466) is designed for use in demanding applications that require extra resistance to puncture and tearing, particularly as a result of traffic that is common during installation of roof tiles. The polymer coating provides excellent resistance to high humidity and salt laden air, making the product ideal for coastal regions.

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UV stabilised moulded plastic support fixture, designed to fix to the top of the fascia at all external corners around the entire roof perimeter.

Prevent the most common breakdown on tiled roofs, failure of the hip tile

Provides a support base for the small starter/finisher tile pieces of the first row, and a solid support for the cement used to affix the ridge cap starter tile.

Provides a stable platform on which to place the two small pieces of tile in the extreme corner of the first row.

Provides a large, solid surface on which to apply the cement to fix the ridge cap starter tile.

Protects the timber fascia from the tile fixing cement.

Guarantee the hip tile against breakdown

Bird mite infestation can be devastating

Prevent vermin entry

Ensures consistency in fixing procedures

Saves fixing time

Provides structural strength for fascia area

Low cost solution