Roof Sarking in Perth

Installed under your roof, Roof Top Industries’ EnviroSeal Roof Sarking combines the benefits of condensation control and reflective thermal insulation. It provides excellent protection against burning embers and radiant heat from bushfires. This is good, all-round fire protection for your roof and your home.

We use the superior Bradford EnviroSeal Roof Sarking for our roofing. This is a pliable, reflective membrane. In addition to its fire protection, it also provides protection from unwanted moisture build-up in your roof.

Another very valuable property of this sarking is insulation from heat. Due to its reflective surface, it reduces radiant heat transfer into your home during summer, keeping it cooler during the daytime when you need it most.

Do You Need New Sarking?

New sarking is far superior to older types of sarking in many ways. Old style sarking may be inadequate, particularly in older homes where wear and tear, storms and climate effects may have damaged it.

Our Bradford EnviroSeal Roof Sarking is a new generation product. This is a truly advanced product, protecting your roof from mould and roof timber damage caused by a build-up of moisture in the roofing. This sarking prevents entry of water, dust and airborne particles into your roof.

These safety and protective features extend the life of your roof, minimizing maintenance costs and repairs. Sarking is also a hygienic measure to protect your home from possible irritants and allergenic agents in the roof.

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