Home damaged by fire

When damage is done to your roof, the aftermath can often be stressful and costly. Not only do you have to fix your roof, but it can also result in injuries to you and your loved ones. Some disasters can be prevented, while others are caused by natural causes like severe storms and falling trees. While these can’t be avoided, there are measures you can take to prevent you and your roof from suffering the consequences.

Water Damage

Leaks in your roofs can result in mould, rotting, and further damage to the structure of your home. This can be a problem if your area is susceptible to heavy rain fall. Proper installation can prevent leaks from occurring. However, if you think there is still a leak in your roof, a full and proper inspection can help spot and fix them. You can tell if there’s a leak if there’s ceiling sports or your wallpaper starts peeling.


Cracks can be one of the causes of external leaks, but they could also lead to more problems. Worn out, cracked and missing shingles can be a sign of structural damage to your house. Check your gutters for debris. If there’s an excessive amount of debris, your shingles may need replacing. They’ll need to be replaced instantly to prevent damage to your roof deck.

Animals and Insects

If you hear anything scurrying around in your roof at night, chances are they’re infected with critters. Small animals like possums, rodents and birds may have found a new home in your roof, but they can cause serious damages to your roof. This includes urine stains, erosion and shingle damage. Not only will this ruin the structure of your roof, but it can increase the risk of fires. Insects may also be infesting in your roof, chewing away at support structures. A full inspection can identify any creatures living in your roof, where you can take a humane approach of removing them.

Trees and Branches

While trees can add to the aesthetic of your exterior residence, they could be a serious risk to your home. Storms can cause branches to break off and damage your roof tiles. Even worse, the trees might loosen and fall through your roof! If you fear that this might happen to you, have those trees and branches removed. You can hire professional help to help destroy them, or you can do it yourself if you know what you’re doing.


Fires pose a serious threat to you and your home. The results can be catastrophic, so you need to make sure you’re not at risk of a fire breaking out in your roof. Proper roof installation can ensure you have fire proof roof tiles that will keep your home safe. You should also inspect your roof to make sure nothing will create a spark. Make sure there isn’t any loose wiring or organic materials, and that your insulation is also properly installed. You should also check your gutters to clear out any debris and leaves that can add fuel to the flames.

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