Hole in a roof with other debris around it

Completing basic maintenance and renovation on your home can be a great way to save money and feel a greater sense of ownership. But there are some things, like roofing, that you should leave to the professionals.

Here’s why DIY roofing projects are a bad idea.

DIY Roofing is Dangerous

Like rewiring a house with no electrical experience, DIY roofing is extremely dangerous. The sloping angle of roofs makes them precarious to stand on, and you won’t be particularly close to the ground. There is a very big chance of accidentally falling and hitting the ground, the results of which can obviously be pretty serious.

In fact, several homeowners die every year around the world from DIY roofing accidents. It’s just not a risk worth taking. Everyone tells themselves they’ll be careful not to fall, but nobody is immune from accidents.

The risk is magnified by not having the appropriate tools. Depending on the height of and slope of your roof you may need anything from extra-long ladders to scaffolding and harnesses. You may also need proper work boots and gloves.

These are tools that the professionals will have but you simply won’t.

DIY Roofing is Time Consuming

A professional roofing company can take between a day to a week to complete a roofing or re-roofing project. This depends on the scope of the project and whether there is any other additional work to do such as removing an existing roof.

You can only imagine how long it will take one inexperienced homeowner to complete the job.

Not only is it a significant commitment, in terms of how many hours, days and weeks you’ll have to spend up there, but can you risk the occurrence of bad weather? A couple of days of heavy rain will be enough to penetrate any temporary tarping you might put up. This will cause your appliances and other structural aspects of your home to be damaged.

DIY Roofing Requires Expert Skills and Knowledge

You need a specific set of skills and knowledge to properly install or repair a roof. No amount of DIY spirit will make your uninformed roofing endeavour successful. Beyond the actual techniques and methods, you also need to know what materials are most suitable for the project. There are simply too many variables to follow generalised information found on the internet as well.

Would-be DIY roofers may think they can save money by using cheaper materials. But cheaper materials always mean poorer quality, and when we’re talking about roofing, poor quality has detrimental and very expensive results.

You can also cause more damage to a roof during your DIY endeavour.

In the end, there are a lot of risks and few savings to be had by embarking on your own roofing project. It’s much better and safer to go with a professional contractor.

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