Home flooded after a storm

Home insurance is nothing new but did you know that you can insure your roof so you are protected in the case of an accident?

In Australia, our weather can turn in the space of minutes, which cause serious damage. Protect your home with the right insurance policy to ensure you, your roof, and your property are covered in an emergency.

Choosing the Right Cover

All homeowners want to know they are getting value for money when it comes to insurance. Too often, consumers are left in the dark about what their policy covers in an emergency. Quotes and prices will vary depending on the type of policy you choose as well as your home.  Below is a list of the Australian insurance companies that offer reliable service and comprehensive insurance policies to customers.

These numbers are based on a figure of $300k, but it will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. For exact prices, it is best to shop around and remember that you get what you pay for. Ask questions and read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to any insurance policy.


Known for their reliable service, RAC are the most popular home insurers in Australia. They’re not necessarily the cheapest insurer on the market, but their policies are quite good.

For a new home valued at $300k and contents at $40k, you will pay somewhere between $650 and $710 annually. This averages out to just over $70 per month. Many consumers opt for RAC due to their impeccable service, but there are cheaper policies on the market.

Budget Direct

The clever television ads with Captain Risky sell their car insurance, but they also offer comprehensive home and contents insurance. A small player in the home insurance market, Budget Direct’s cover is quite good.

Based on $300k needed to rebuild a home and $40k for contents, you can pay between $570 and $670 annually. Claims are easy to make and service is reliable.


Expect to be asked a lot of questions when you sign up with Allianz. They pride themselves on delivering reliable service.

You can expect to pay between $400 and $500 annually for a $300k home with $40k worth of contents. As one of the most reputable home insurers, Allianz is one you should consider for your home and roof.

ING Direct

Actress Isla Fisher is the face of ING Direct and for good reason. Home insurance with ING is simple and making a claim is hassle-free.

The average price to rebuild a $300k home will see you pay $854 annually. It may seem pricey but ING offers consumers bundles with other services they provide. Bundling up with other policies can see a substantial drop in the price you pay for home and contents insurance.

Finding the right insurance policy can be stressful. Choosing the right roof specialist isn’t. Roof Top Industries are leaders in roof repairs, installation and reroofing. For more information about our service, contact us today.