Close-up of roof tiles

Everyone can appreciate the overall appearance of a roof. However, roof tiles do more than make a pretty picture; they help protect your home from damage and aid in energy efficiency. There are different variances of roof tiles that can do the job better for your house. High-quality roof tiles will be able to deliver on longevity, aesthetic and climate resistance, which are all different for each house. With our guide on the different roof tiles we supply, you can decide for yourself which option will suit your home best.


Boral are one of the largest and most popular roof tile suppliers in Australia. They offer flexible options for their customers to allow them to choose the best roof tile for their home. Choose from Boral’s Terracotta range, which comes in either shingle or French style roof tiles.

Boral roof tiles are suitable for those living in coastal areas, as they’re frost-resistant and salt-safe. They’re also fire resistant, which means they are safe and reliable.

Choosing Boral is a good investment for those who wish to save money. Their high thermal performance assists in energy efficiency, helping you cool and warm up your home. They’re also relatively low maintenance. If there’s any damage, only the affected tiles need switching out. Terracotta also comes with a 50-year warranty, as they’re made to last a lifetime.


Bristle are one of the best roof suppliers in Australia. Their attention to craftsmanship results in premium roof tiles, which are also environmentally friendly and recyclable!

Bristle comes in two variations; Vienna and Marseille. All Bristle tiles are durable against corrosion and weather conditions. Their colours have a life-time warranty, promising low maintenance and longevity. Bristle are all-year natural insulators, helping you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. They’re also suitable for those who live in harsh weather conditions such as high wind and heavy rainfall.


Harmony roof tiles are based right here in Perth. These home-grown roof tiles are splashed with gentle, natural colours to reflect the Australian environment. With more than 35 colours to choose from, you’ll be able to choose one that will suit your home. Habitat tiles come in either Villa and Alpine profiles, with warm and rich colours that reflect the magnificence of your natural surroundings. Contemporary tiles manage to be both sleek and rustic, harmonizing the modern Australian lifestyle. Embossed tiles mirrors everything there is about Australia, from sandy desert colours to cool, leafy shades. If you’re entranced by earthly colours, Elements tiles matches the colours of this sunburnt country.

Harmony roof tiles come with a 50-year warranty. They are highly durable, resisting against cracks, leakage, and frost, rain and salt air damage. This guarantees a comfortable lifestyle in your Australian home.


Monier roof tiles are well known for their high resistance and vintage appearance. In fact, because of their ability to withstand even the harshest of Australian conditions, they only seem to get better with age! Coming in either clay or concrete tiles, these strong materials won’t warp, rust or corrode, and are safe from salt, frost and ice.

Handcrafted from Australian materials, Monier comes in two profiles, Concreate and Terracotta. This allows you to choose a roof that suits your home’s pitch and style. Choose from any of the contemporary colours available. Whether you’re looking to fit in with Australian suburbia or the modern lifestyle, Monier will have it for you.

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