Home with a pitched roof

Gone are the days where houses are constructed with a pitched roof. These days, architects and homeowners are looking at ways to maximise their roof space. As we have searched for ways to make our homes more visually appealing, roof designs have also changed.

Here are some of the modern roof designs that you will be seeing in 2017 and beyond.

Arched Roof

This is one of the most aesthetically appealing roof designs. The arched roof can be designed in many ways that will result in different silhouettes. If designed and engineered properly, arched roofs are self-supporting. With proper reinforcement, the arch can even be load bearing. Arched roofs are generally constructed from wood and stone, however, concrete or steel can be used. It is important to note that not all buildings are suitable for an arched roof.

Flat Roof

As the name suggests, a flat roof has no pitch. Homeowners will opt for this type of roof as it is easy and cheap to install. They are ideal for anyone wanting to install solar panels for their home. Flat roofs are generally constructed from steel and covered in asphalt.

Hip Roof

The hip roof (or hipped roof) is very popular in Australia. The walls of the roof are connected with a horizontal join and most likely have the same pitch. There are 3 elements that make up the hipped roof.

  • Eaves – Eaves occur when the roof overextends past the walls of the house. The deep eaves of a hip roof can provide significant shade to a home.
  • Strength – the structure of the hip roof has been specifically designed to withstand strong winds.
  • Style – the heavy structure of hipped roofs is appealing to homeowners and designers alike. Hip roofs are predominantly made from either steel, terracotta or concrete tiles, although other materials can be used.

Skillion Roof

The skillion roof is like a flat roof but is much steeper on one side. In Australia, it is commonly referred to as the shed roof. Easy and cost-effective to install, skillion roofs don’t experience any drainage problems. Skillion roofs can be constructed in:

  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • Oval
  • Butterfly (Perfect for homes where trapping rain water is a necessity)

The rise and popularity of this roof is due to its minimalist look and feel. They can be made from metal and are suitable for solar panels.

Gabled Roof

Similar in design to the hip roof, the gabled roof is often referred to as the cheaper alternative. Known for its peak, they are more steeply pitched than other roofs. The appeal of this roof is that it allows for more interior space.

Domed Roof

Popular in European architecture, the domed roof is elegant and structurally engineered. The visual experience of a domed roof is both internally and externally pleasing. The 360-degree shape of the roof allows for much needed interior space.

Domed roofs are often constructed from stone or copper, but expensive material such as marble and fibreglass can be used. The only downside to this roof is the lack of popularity in Australia.

Clerestory Roof

The clerestory roof is a roof that has a vertical wall that sits in between two sloping sides. The wall is cluttered with windows to allow for sufficient sunlight to enter the building. There has been a rise in owners opting for this roof style as it is an environmentally friendly solution. Any material can be used in the construction of the roof, while windows are often double glazed.

Sawtooth Roof

Once popular in warehouses and factories, the sawtooth roof has become very popular in housing. The sloped, vertical aspects allow for windows to be installed at the top of the building. This was common in the 18th and 19th centuries, before electricity. The glass panels were fitted to face north, which allowed light to be filtered without direct sunlight.

Made from metal, the sawtooth has added features to help prevent overheating. Its metal material forms a reflective finish that is ideal to protect your roof.

Mansard Roof

Also, known as the French roof, the mansard is a variation of the hip roof. Popular in France in the mid-1800’s, the mansard was part of the design for every building. The unique style is not complicated to install, but it is important to consider the load-bearing capabilities of your home. The roof is finished with either slate tiles or wooden shingles.

Curved Roof

The aesthetic appeal and organic design of the curved roof is popular in modern home designs. The flexibility of the design allows for metal roofing materials to cast a clean, organic look. The roof can be designed as one curved shape or multiple curved surfaces. Unlike other roof styles, the curved roof will give more interior space and not exceed height restrictions on a home. Curved roofs are designed to protect your home from strong winds and are customisable.

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