Roof Sisalation in Perth

Sarking is a type of membrane made from heavy duty paper or cloth material that’s positioned under the roof tiles when the roof is being constructed. It prevents dust and moisture from entering the roof cavity, and in some cases it’s a flame retardant.

Sisalation is brand of sarking that uses a foil film over cloth material. It’s then strengthened with fibre glass for added insulation and protection from the elements.

The Benefits of Sisalation

Being very low maintenance, Sisalation is well worth the investment because of the extra benefits it provides.

The addition of foil makes the roof Sisalation light reflective, which can save you money on heating and cooling. It adds a second layer of protection under the roof tiles, minimising radiant heat and dust, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the insulation and making the building’s interior more comfortable. It also protects the timber trusses from excess moisture which can make the nail plates pull away from the wood.

Grades of Sisalation for Tiled Roofs

 Super Sisalation Tiled Roof Extra Heavy Duty (469)

A premium extra heavy duty reflective foil laminate that provides superior strength and resistance to puncture or tearing, and is certified as being a fall arrest sarking material. The building code now recommends the use of certified fall arrest sarking materials on all construction and building sites. Super Sisalation is the only choice that guarantees compliance and provides the very best in insulation materials.

 Sisalation Tiled Roof Extra Heavy Duty (473)

A paper-based extra heavy-duty sarking with a reinforced heavy weight design that makes it ideal for installation in all areas prone to high or seasonal winds. Added strength is also provided through the addition of extra layers of high tensile strength fibreglass reinforcing.

Sisalation Tiled Roof Heavy Duty (466)

Designed for use in demanding applications that require extra resistance to puncture and tearing, particularly as a result of traffic that is common during installation of roof tiles. The polymer coating provides excellent resistance to high humidity and salt laden air, making the product ideal for coastal regions.

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