solar panel at a roof

Solar panels are what everyone’s talking about when it comes to energy efficiency. The general consensus is that they save money by absorbing energy from UV rays.

In the end, however, are solar panels really worth it? Let’s find out.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels absorb the energy from sunlight and converts it into direct current electrical energy. The DC electrical energy is then absorbed into an inverter unit, which converts it into alternating current for your electrical circuits. Excess energy is fed back into the electricity grid and can be stored for later use, which is suitable at night or cloudy days.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels?

The efficiency of solar panels depends on its efficiency ratings. The greater the efficiency rating, the more energy the panel will absorb per square metre. Solar panel efficiency also depends on a number of other factors. The total surface and size of your roof will determine how many panels you will be able to install. If your solar panels have high energy efficiency, you may not need to install that many anyway. However, if they have low energy efficiency, you could end up installing more.

Energy efficiency will also depend on your location. If your house isn’t prone to sunlight and is covered with shade or clouds, your solar panels may not work as well as it should. Surprisingly, solar panels also aren’t as efficient in extreme heat, as they’re not able to generate electricity. There are some solar panels on the market that come with a lower temperature coefficient to support homes with hot weather conditions.

How Much Will Solar Panels Cost?

The total cost of solar panels will depend on how much capacity you’ll need and the energy efficiency. Larger panels will cost more, which may be less than attractive if you require large systems. However, the price of solar panels seems to be getting cheaper as time goes on, especially in Perth. The average cost to install a 5kW system in Perth is $5,190.00, which is cheaper than most Australian states.

Should I Install Solar Panels?

Overall, solar panels are an efficient way to save money so long as they’re installed properly and are cost effective. The best way to get cheap and efficient solar panels is to research and get as many quotes as possible. This way you can compare and decide which solar panels will be best for you. Talking to a professional can also help you figure out cost-effective options, and to decide if solar panels are best for you.

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